Custom Marketing Publishing Group, is a team of professionals, who are the best in their respective industries. Our many years of experience and attention to detail will bring your project to success. Thus, increasing your Marketing ROI.

For nearly 20 years Christa Hoag has demonstrated consistent success in nearly every aspect of the advertising industry. Starting with a local newspaper and then achieving success with Digital Media News Group sales, and Magazine Advertising; She’s continuing to maintain and educate herself with the latest e-Marketing, Online Advertising and Social Media Implementation, and is up to date on the latest trends. The Company prides itself on being involved in the brainstorming process of promotional campaigns, using their experience and expertise to deliver the best marketing results, for all-sized companies ranging from small businesses to corporations; McDonald’s being the largest success story. We work directly with them in continued marketing solutions. Together with her team of specialists, which includes Graphic Artists, Web Designer & Consultants, Print, Signage and Distribution specialists, Custom Marketing and Publishing Group, are training countless others along the way. Christa, knows what works to effectively communicate with the target audience, winning you more sales and achieving the level of success you desire.


CM Publishing Group exists to provide quality service for all of our customers.


CM Publishing Group will strive to be the supplier of choice by providing the highest quality service and products possible.


~ Integrity: We are honest, open in our communication and consistent in doing what we say we will do.

~ Accountability: We accept individual and collective responsibility for everything we do.

~ Respect: We recognize the worth of the individual, acknowledging the diversity of needs, experiences and talents of each person.

~ Excellence: We strive to achieve the best in everything we do and in the service we provide.